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Book chapters

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Research Insights

Mitochondrial genomes of plants are much larger than those of mammals and often contain conserved open reading frames (ORFs) of unknown function. Here, we show that one of these conserv... read more


Miniature tomato, S. lycopersicum cultivar Micro- Tom, was grown as described previously.22 Roots were harvested 5 weeks after germination. Hypocotyl and cotyledon were harvested 3 weeks after germination. Third leaves were harvested 3 weeks after germ.... read more


Initial gene discovery efforts through analysis of genome sequences and identification and characterization of expressed RNAs have revealed that only a relatively small portion of the genome is transcribed into protein coding mRNAs ... read more


Comparative genetics and genomics use knowledge from different species to define important evolutionary relationships, an important aspect of which is the physical and genetic synteny (two or more homologous loci found on a single chromosome) and ... read more


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